Advisory Services

Concertia can provide you with the necessary expertise to kick off projects or jumpstart stalled projects and round out your project teams with seasoned expertise from the Concertia team. We help our clients achieve their goals and objectives with our expertise in Project Management, Architectural Design, Business Analysis, System Integration, Custom Development or System Installation and Configuration services. Our experienced team of consultants can quickly ramp up and help you drive your project to completion.


Concertia provides the expertise required to execute project plans and implement business improvement and technology related projects. This requires our team to provide services such as project management and change management.  Our team has proven experience in successfully navigating complicated organization dynamics and complex stakeholder environments.


Concertia provides the expertise required to design and implement enterprise systems, perform requirements gathering, system selection, and design complex enterprise architectures. Functionality, architecture, cost, time to implement, and ongoing maintenance are all factors that our team considers to help clients choose the best approach to achieve their desired goals.

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