Business Rules Automation

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your business rules are hidden in your applications or processes (and are hard to find and change).
  • You’d like to automate your operational decisions, assuming the solution was safe and reliable.
  • The system used to manage your business rules is hard to use and isn’t accessible by your business experts.
  • IT is so backlogged that change requests often take months to implement.


If so, Business Rules Automation may be just what you need.

Business Rules Automation is the evolution of business rules management. It provides a complete, easy-to-use system for automating day-to-day operational decisions and allows business people and IT to collaborate on business rules by using an interface and a language that are comfortable and intuitive for both.

Simply put, Business Rules Automation is about change. If rules and decisions don’t ever need to change, there’s probably no need to put them in an Business Rules Automation system. But for rules that do change (rules that control pricing, eligibility, credit approvals, claims processing, laws, and so on), Business Rules Automation solutions offer a proven solution to manage that change.

Business Rules Automation solutions not only allows you to automate your business rules, but also it enables you to detect real-time business events (such as a person making a credit card charge) and use rules to decide and automate the appropriate response or action to those events.

Six Benefits of Business Rules Automation

Enabling rapid and agile change

If you want to win in a dynamic and fast-moving environment, you have to be agile enough to stay ahead of the pack. Business Rules Automation puts the power of change into your employees’ hands, helping them to collaborate with IT and bypass cumbersome application development queues. Some rules in Business Rules Automation solutions are written in plain language, and others are expressed in spreadsheet-like decision tables, but all are in a form that your employees can understand.

Capturing the knowledge of your experts for reuse

Have you ever had a superstar in your company who’s a highly regarded expert in his or her field? If only you had a department full of clones of that expert, you could always give the same response to a customer, always make the optimum offer to a buyer and always know the right way to settle a claim with a policyholder. However, most companies don’t work that way. Employees’ skill levels vary. Business Rules Automation is designed to get that vital information out of your experts’ heads and into repeatable, automated rules.

Ensuring consistency

Business Rule Automation always produce predictable, repeatable results. Rules don’t have days off, they don’t make mistakes, they don’t get upset and they execute your operational decisions the same way every time. This consistency is good for the accuracy and predictability of your business operations, and it’s great for your customers and partners.

Refining and updating decisions

Business leaders love business rule automation because it helps them measure the outcomes of critical operational decisions. Being able to simulate and measure decision outcomes provides important input on how your business is running and gives you the information you need to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Facilitating compliance

Compliance officers love Business Rules Automation. When the rules controlling business operations are documented in understandable terms, it’s much easier to check them against corporate policies and external regulations. Business Rules Automation also enables the compliance officer to generate reports and keep an eye on compliance status without bothering your business users.

Improving customer service

With Business Rules Automation, your automated systems can provide personalized customer service. Your business rules can take into account everything you know about each customer to personalize your service. Also, a great irritation for customers is getting different answers to the same inquiry. The consistency delivered by applying Business Rules Automation to decision-making ensures that you’ll always give the same response, which builds customer confidence and satisfaction. Additionally, because Business Rules Automation managed decisions are based on shared rules, as these rules improve and become more accurate, all decisions using these rules will benefit, thus raising the overall quality of service.

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